HD Professional Brush Set 24 Pcs


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Without the right tools, you'll struggle to achieve an even, flawless application. You can add a stylish touch to your makeup tool collection with our 24 pcs HD brush set made from 100% synthetic Taklon consisting of high-grade face and eye brushes. These brushes are soft, flexible and trendy for an easy and precise application. Each brush set comes up with a handy roll up case which keeps your brushes intact and maintained. These brushes when applied can do wonders as they do not soak up any product at all.

Brushes details

1) HD Buffing Brush  LP 303

2) HD Foundation Brush  LP 306

3) HD Flat Contour Brush LP 307

4) HD Eye Blending Brush LP 310

5) HD Brow and Eye Angular Brush LP 313

6) HD Tapered Blending Brush LP 319

7) HD Kabuki Brush LP 301

8) HD Powder Brush LP 305

9) HD Fan Brush LP 309

10) HD Eyeshadow Brush LP 311

11) HD Eyeliner Brush LP 312

12) HD Contour Brush LP 308

13) HD Concealer Brush LP 316

14) HD Eye Contour Brush LP 314

15) HD Eye Shadow Buffing Brush LP 317

16) HD Lip Liner Brush LP 315

17) HD Pointed Eyeshadow Brush LP 327

18) HD Small Foundation Brush LP 329

19) HD Flat Eyeshadow Brush LP 328

20) HD Bronzer Brush LP 326

21) HD Stippling Brush LP 331

22) HD Small Eye Shadow Brush LP 318

23) HD Pointed Blush Brush LP 333


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