Description & Specifications

Product Specifications

Item Name
Velvet Luxurious Brush Set 24pcs
Item Code
Material USed
Synthetic & wood , aluminium tube

Product Description

London Pride Cosmatics professional makeup team has designed a professional brush set like no other.its a premium blend of premium Sable,Goat badger hair, Pony hair and microfiber bristles, these brushes are soft, resilient and long-lasting. .Velvet Luxurious Brush set is our Signature Collection. its specially designed for the professional makeup artist or makeup enthusiast who wants their most essential brushes in one beautiful, convenient set. This set is highly defined product and made under highly qualified quality assuance team.

Names of the Brushes

1. 1x small eyeshadow
2. 2x medium eyeshadow
3. 2x Eyeshadow blending
4. 1x Angled Contour
5. 1x Crease brush
6. 1x Flat Definer
7. 1x slant eyebrow definer
8. 1x lip brush
9. 1x Gel Eyeliner
10. 1x Concealer
11. 1x eyebrow comb
12. 1x eye edge
13. 1x eyelash brush
14. 1x precesion eyeliner brush
15. 1x Sector
16. 1 x Foundation
17. 1x Powder
18. 1X blush bronzer
19. 1x angled foundation
20. 1x Face contour
21. 2x large Eyeshadow

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