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  Soft Leather 24 pcs Bamboo Brush Black Set
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Product Description

This complete collection of all possible makeup brushes including the essential brushes used and recommended by the professionals. Each brush caters to a different need no matter what look you're trying to achieve. All twenty four brushes fit perfectly together in our black roll up case making this set ideal for travel. Roll it, snap it, and you're set to go. Brushes are of best quality used only for best results.


The Makeup Brush Set Includes:

• 1x Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Lash Brush
• 1x Eyebrow Comb
• 1x Sponge Applicator
• 1x Fan
• 1x Precise Eye Liner Brush
• 1x Eye Liner Brush
• 1x Concealer Brush
• 1x Angle Brow Brush
• 1x Lip Brush
• 1x Angle Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Short Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Smudge
• 1x Medium Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Large Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Eye Contour Brush
• 1x Fluff
• 1x Medium Angled Shading Brush
• 1x Eye Shadow Brush
• 1x Foundation Brush
• 1x Contour Brush
• 1x Blush
• 1x Big Fan.
• A Complete Collection Of All Makeup Brushes.

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